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English Cocker Spaniel breeders UK

Are you thinking about getting a dog or puppy in the next few months?

Perhaps you're unsure about whether to go for a pedigree pup or a rescue dog? Or maybe you have no idea which of the hundreds of breeds and crossbreeds might be right for you! You may even already have your perfect breed in mind.

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1 Who do I contact if I want to find a reputable Cocker breeder?

The Kennel Club has an online Puppy Sales List listing breeders who have litters available. Please note: the Kennel Club cannot guarantee that breeders appearing on this list are reputable so would-be buyers should bear this in mind & be prepared to check breeders out for themselves. This advice also applies to Kennel Club Accredited Breeders who agree to abide by certain basic good breeding practices but are not vetted in advance of acceptance onto the scheme.

NB We regret we are unable to supply a list of recommended breeders at present.

2 Can you give me some guidance on buying a puppy, how to tell if a breeder is reputable, what questions should I ask etc?

Cocker Spaniels are a very popular breed and as a result, there are many breeders producing puppies for profit without any real interest in the breed & without paying much attention to the health & temperament of the puppies they produce. It is therefore important that would-be buyers look for reputable breeders & never purchase from the sort of retail outlet that has numerous popular breeds on sale or from a commercial breeder who produces large quantities of puppies throughout the year purely to supply the pet market.

  • Never buy a puppy unless the breeder is willing to show you the mother of the litter & preferably other relatives too
  • Good breeders do not have puppies available all the time so be prepared to be patient in your search for a puppy
  • Check that the litter is Kennel Club registered. Kennel Club registration is not a guarantee that a litter comes from a reputable breeder but be wary of those breeders who do not register their pups or who register with alternative registration clubs (these are mainly used by puppy farmers)
  • Check that the breeder is willing to provide after-sales help & advice and is happy to answer any questions you may have. Most responsible breeders will also offer to take back any puppy they have bred for rehoming should the need ever arise.
  • Good breeders will almost always be members of at least one breed club such as The Cocker Spaniel Club and will usually be involved in some activities with their dogs besides breeding eg showing, working, agility etc.
  • Good breeders will ask you questions to make sure your situation is suitable for owning a Cocker puppy. Be wary of any breeder who asks no questions but is only interested in making a sale.
  • Good breeders will be knowledgable about the hereditary conditions which are occasionally seen in Cockers & will be happy to advise on what steps they have taken to reduce the likelihood of their puppies developing problems in the future eg annual eye-testing of breeding stock, DNA testing for prcd-PRA and FN and/or hip-scoring

Here are a few useful sites which offer further advice on buying a puppy :-

3 What are the differences between a show strain and a working strain Cocker?

If you are buying a pet Cocker puppy, it is important to know that there are two distinct strains within the breed, the show strain (or show type) and the working strain (often referred to as Working Cockers), each bred for different purposes with different attributes.

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