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English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association

For local Field Trial dates, go to the Regional Clubs page. There you will find email addresses for club contacts, or check out the Periodicals page. Some events are listed in our Events Calendar.


The Booklets below are now available as a PDF (Acrobat Reader) file. They are still for sale in hard copy, but you can read and/or print from the links below. For information on how to order hard copies, go to the ESSFTA Store .

On-line Newsgroup for Field Trial Clubs:

The ESS Field Club Newsgroup is a non-reply newsgroup, used for the purpose of notifying AKC Licensed English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Clubs of ESSFTA proposed Field Trial Rule changes, policy changes and/or other ESS field trial related information and interests. Primary recipients are, but not limited to, field trial club contacts, all five Interclub Chairs, and all ESSFTA Field Governors.

Examples that can be used for a field trial entry form.

* Field Trial Entry Form PDF
* MS Word Version

Guidelines For Double-Dating Field Trials Within A Regional Interclub

In order for the two clubs to double date within their Interclub, there must be a compelling, underlying reason such as:

  1. The two clubs having a history of entries consisting of 50 or more dogs for each All Age Stake.
  2. The two clubs having a distance of 500 miles or more between them.
  3. A history of consistent adverse weather conditions, i.e. too hot.

Both clubs must consent to the double dating, along with approval by the Interclub Chair and the Field Vice President. If the health of either club is adversely affected (for instance, lower than average entries) the double dating may not be subject to approval the following year.

Election Procedure for Interclub Chair:

All five Interclub Chairs will be elected for a 2 year period to run from December 1 to November 30 on an even year basis. Hence, future terms will run from December 1, 1999 to November 30, 2000; December 1, 2000 to November 30, 2002 and ongoing.

Election replacement and staffing procedures are detailed herein. Elections will be held as follows:

A) By July 1, (even year) the current Interclub Chair will ask each local club for nominations for the position of Interclub Chair. Each club may nominate one person, an active field trial person, from anywhere within the interclub. The current interclub chair may be nominated.

B) Nominations must be received by the Interclub Chair by August 1, (even year) to be valid. The Interclub Chair will contact each nominee to assess their willingness to serve in the office and join the ESSFTA.

C) A ballot listing the nominees will be prepared by the current Interclub Chair and forwarded to each local club by September 1 (even year) with instructions to return ballots directly to the Regional ESSFTA Governor.

D) Ballots are due at the Regional Governor’s address by October 1 (even year). The Regional Governor will count the ballots and announce a winner. If no nominee gets a majority, a second ballot for a run-off election between the 2 highest vote getters will be prepared, forwarded to clubs and due back at the Regional Governor’s home by November 1 (even year). Balloting must allow at least 2 weeks for club voting.

E) The second highest vote getter will become the Vice-Chair and will be the alternate Chair in case the Chair is unable to fulfill the duties throughout the term.

F) If the Interclub Chair resigns and the Vice-Chair is unable or unwilling to serve in the position, the Field VP of the ESSFTA will appoint a Chair for the term.

G) The Interclub Chair may appoint an Interclub Secretary to share the workload within the interclub.

New English springer spaniel pup coming home soon .. top
New English springer spaniel pup coming home soon .. top ...
2013 English Springer Spaniel Championship held at
2013 English Springer Spaniel Championship held at ...
springer spaniels workig at a open retriever open field trial
springer spaniels workig at a open retriever open field trial
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