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Bill and Kathleen have written a book on French brittanys and it is now published and available for purchase. This is the first book that's been written in this country specifically for French brittanys. Our book includes general information on the French Brittany, L' Epagneul Breton, some history of the breed, a study of the breed standard, puppy advice and training, starting your pup, building passion, field and whoa training, and full color pictures of wonderful Epagneul Bretons. You can go to our website get a copy.

Our dogs are imported and first generation. Besides hunting professionally with our dogs, Plum Creek is competing and winning internationally, our studs Ultra, a French Champion and Tatoo is a French Recommended Stud. Tatoo, Ultra, and Doc all have their Trialer titles in France.

We have owned, trained and hunted brittanys for over 50 years. We were one of the first kennels to begin importing the Epagneul Bretons (French brittanys) from Europe 20+ years ago. We have 25 years experience in the French brittany breed training them, hunting them, breeding them and loving them.

Selective breeding with proven French brittanys of extreme skill and natural ability has resulted in the best French Brittany program in the country. We have spent many years traveling to France and establishing personal friendships, giving us the unique opportunity to select and import the best French brittany blood lines in Europe and establishing the superior lineage and talent our dogs have become known for.

Hunting is a way of life for Plum Creek French Brittanys. We own and operate a wild pheasant and grouse hunting lodge in South Dakota, Big Spur Lodge so the bar of expectation in the field for our French brittanys is necessarily quite high because our clients expect perfection in our dogs.

All parents are hip certified.
Breeding gun dogs for the foot hunter, companions for the home.

We are also trainers of all sporting breeds, and uniquely qualified French brittany trainers. We offer monthly training programs as well as individual training seminar packages and day training sessions. See our training website at

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Submitted by: Saloma on Mar 21, 2016

Hi to you two!

I got your book for Bob - he never put it down until he read the whole thing. I'm next.

We adore Bijou - she's beautiful, smart, so willing to please - and she loves to hunt. Bob says she's great and is going to be one of his greatest bird dogs. We could not love her more.

Best to you and yours,

Submitted by: Joe on Mar 14, 2016

We wanted to thank you for this amazingly smart pointing dog! He is an amazing Hunter and house pet. He understands every word and is very obedient. He got 5 pheasant one day when just under one year old! Here he is learning to point, ready to go hunting and relaxing by the wood stove. He could do all his "tricks" by 3 months!
Warmly, Alice and Joe Giunta

Submitted by: Sam on Jan 21, 2016

I took Kamo to Texas and we shot 95 birds in 3 days. By the last day he was pointing and holding birds plus hunting dead and retrieving. It was amazing to see the progression. He is very smart and picks up things fast. What an enjoyable pup! He is going to be a crackerjack bird dog. Thank you so much!

Submitted by: Bob on Jan 19, 2016

I'm sending you a picture of Bullet with a nice bunch of birds. She is ten years old and still is unreal in hunting the pheasants.

Submitted by: Will on Jan 19, 2016

Scout continues to develop nicely at 8.5 months. Got our first point and retrieve on wild birds this weekend .

Submitted by: Jean on Dec 22, 2015

Hi, Bill and Kathy:

Here is Pearl at six months. Responding extremely well, as you can see she's on point. Hope all is well with you. Merry Christmas!

Submitted by: Kelly on Dec 19, 2015

Shot my first bird over him today! He pointed, I flushed and. He retrieved it to me! So exciting! Kelly

Submitted by: Jay on Dec 09, 2015

My little one passed a birthday last month somewhere around the thanksgiving week. Thought you might like to see how she turned out. A very pretty animal, and as most all of my hunting companions claim the most Beautiful dog I have owned so far. Did a bangup job on her virgin voyage to North Dakota in Oct. Longest point held was over a minute. out of six downed birds /runners that we went back to look for over 1/2 hour later she came up with five, YEA, and did fair on retrieves. Working with an older frenchie you could really see the light getting turned on in her. She is such a joy!!

Submitted by: James on Dec 08, 2015

Bob is nine years old now and is a seasoned hunter. He has regularly hunted Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock in Minnesota, Wisconsin and northern Michigan. He has hunted quail and pheasants in Georgia and Virginia. He has hunted snipe in the Florida Everglades. Although we have both slowed a bit we have not missed a season in eight years.

Our second favorite thing to do is to fish for Brown Trout in our home Waters on the Manistee River near Grayling, Michigan.

Bob is a treasure and the best bird dog I have hunted with in my 73 years, and just behind my wife of fifty years, the best companion that an old guy like me could have.

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