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Windy Acres French BrittanysSubmitted by: Phil, I wanted to re-touch base with you after 6 years with Badger, AKA Badge. He is out of Nell and Gar 2010. Here in New Jersey we have little public hunting and it is guarded at that. I retired in 2014 and sent Badge to a trainer in Pa. Already a super house dog, I had not trained him to hunt at all. The trainer stated that for an older dog "he did amazing". I was so pleased and proud. I took 2 months off with 3 buddies of mine, to hunt this past fall in 4 states. Shooting and hunting many types of birds. In Georgia I got into Woodcock and some planted quail. Much the same, all the way back north into Va. with grouse and farm pheasants. I was so pleased with him and remembered your words when we picked him up . These dogs are a great Gentleman and Lady's hunting companion. So true. He is amazing. I request you place me on the 2018 listing for another male pup. I want to hunt a pair as I get better and wiser in this sport. Ill call you soon.
I pray your health is better and you find peace in Life .
Sorry for the delay but words are not my thing.
God Bless

Submitted by: Dick and Jeane H on Mar 02, 2016

Izzy is doing great We got many birds this past fall with him. Blues are almost as big as he is . Thanks again
Dick and Jean

Submitted by: Cindy Dixon on Mar 02, 2016

Hi Phil, Dropping you a line to let you know Jack has hunted almost every day with Jessie this past fall. We are both pleased, Me in the house behaviour and Jack in the great field dog. Your training has been amazing!!! Could not have asked for a better little girl. We are looking for another for next year if you would add us to your list? Please LOL. If I need to fill out another form let me know . This time we want a male but not to breed just to have a pair in the field. We hope you are feeling better and all is well.
God Bless
Cindy and Jack D.

Submitted by: Roger Coffin on Feb 15, 2016

We have two Indy Acres French Brittanys and they are great dogs, super pets and demons in the field. We have had hunting dogs for over 40 years, I've hunted over most breeds, and I've never enjoyed a breed as much.

Four years ago, we were looking for a new dog and reading these testimonials. This is where I found Windy Acres and Phil. The testimonials seemed too good to be true, so I contacted Phil and we started to get to know one another. Because of distance (East Coast of Canada for me), I asked Phil to pick our dog and train him for the year. Phil was in constant contact with us with pictures and videos and we felt as though we were there from Gillie's (Cody & Gracie) birth to graduation.

In October 2014, I few to ND and spent a week with Phil, working Gillie and receiving training on how to get the best out of him. This past September, I drove from Prince Edward Island (4, 400 miles round trip) to spend more time with Phil and to give him a hand with the last week of hunting classes. While there, I hunted Gillie and Nell as a brace. Phil is amazing and knows dogs. I learned so much and he is always willing to share his knowledge. Nell is now retired from breeding and has made her home with us (Thank you Phil!) on PEI. After returning from ND, I hunted Nell and Gillie at least twice a week and I regularly reached my pheasant limit. Nell is an example of an amazing pointing dog with boundless energy and great instincts.

Phil knows genetics. His dogs all hunt before they are bred and the first litter is assessed closely to be sure they throw all the right characteristics. He has an ability to match dogs with people so that all are happy. He has lots of time for your questions and his suggestions are always on the money. His dogs are smart, easy to train, affectionate and have natural hunting abilities. When it is not hunting season, we walk them on local trails and receive great compliments about their good behaviour.

Obviously, we are fans and highly recommend Phil, Windy Acres and his French Brittanys. Talk to Phil about your next dog. You will not be disappointed. With all the pheasants these dogs found, I had to get more recipes from Phil!

Submitted by: Jeremy Halla on Feb 13, 2016

I grew up hunting with Springer Spaniels for 30+ years and wanted to make a switch to a French Brittany. I contacted Phil regarding puppies and questions/concerns about the French Brittany Breed and he is a wealth of knowledge about the breed. Over a two week period, we had over 3 hours of phone conversations about the breed and hunting, even though he didn't have a puppy for me to purchase at the time. Phil helped me get in contact with two other reputable breeders that had puppies in the time frame we were looking. I purchased one. He shared an ebook with me regarding training, again, even though we were not purchasing a puppy from him. This ebook contained many wonderful tips to use with training a new puppy. I don't know many people who would spend so much time without getting anything in return. It really just shows how much he cares about the breed and the dogs. I appreciate it all! Thank you Phil and Windy Acres. Have been meaning to drop you a note with an update on Frenchie. You Christmas letter inspired me to do so.
First the bad news. We had to put our older dog, Louis, down in early September. At 13, old age just got to him. We miss him every day, but he had a great run.
Luckily for us Frenchie was already in the house when this happened and that has eased our transition a great deal. We are lucky to have her. As a pet, she has come a long way in the year she has been with us. Mischievous (in a good way) and hungry for love an attention. My wife an daughter have really taken to her. She know sleeps in the bed with us every night.
In the field, she had a great first full season. The best compliment I can give to you as her trainer is that I never once all fall even thought about the need to use the electronic collar on her because she was ranging too far away form me in the field. There was never a need. Not once. She works close and very steady. Because of this she EXCELS hunting tree rows. My hunting party (we have 20 years together and some have been hunting for 50) say she is the best tree row dog we have ever had. She never gets too excited and so she does not spook/run the birds. She also has great potential with grouse. She had several really nice points early in grouse season that were wasted (by me) as I was still learning how to read her. I am very confident that I am going to shoot a ton of grouse over her.
Things we need to work on? Well, she has not discovered yet that retrieving is part of her portfolio. She will run to a downed bird and pin it. But she won't pick it up. Any suggestions on how I can work on that with her through spring and summer?
We are incredibly happy with Frenchie. She is a great pet and has the potential to be a truly special hunting dog. Simply put, she has made me a better dog handler and better hunter. We could not be more satisfied with her or with our experience with Windy Acres.
Thanks Phil!
Merry Christmas!

Submitted by: Just got home from Montana yesterday afternoon. Been there hunting birds since 24 Oct. I shot quite a few pheasants this year in spite of poor numbers fascia somehow Coral was absolutely fantastic again this year, especially earlier in the season when the birds weren't so spooky. I was getting a few more false points than usual (though still very rare) but I think many of those were simply spooky birds that gave her the slip. She actually made a couple of retrieves but only when the Labs were not around or she gave up waiting for them to find her in the thick stuff. We only lost two birds the entire time but Coral found three other cripples. In all I took thirteen daily limits of three roosters each and many days of one or two. And more than a few days I got skunked. Coral does work a bit far in the open and I do have to police that more closely late in the season when the birds are more jumpy. Generally, Coral's nose can't be beat. Even the two cripples we lost I'm 100% certain she had found them but we simply could not find her in that thick $#@#. When she doesn't return for ten minutes or more, then I know she has a bird. At one point I had to leave Coral to go downstream a quarter mile and cross a bridge so we could find her. The Labs went with me. When we got to the other side I saw Coral come into view at the other end of the field ... and she had my rooster! But as soon as she saw the Labs coming, she dropped it. Oh no! Of course it made a bee-line for the brush. Not to worry. Coral dashed after it and held it down.
I have learned Coral will not hunt for anyone else but me, not even for my daughter Jessie. I tried that this fall. Sent Coral and Opal off with Jessie and her boyfriend while I took grandson Parker and Ellie back to town for something to eat. Was only a short distance down the highway when I got an urgent cell call from Jessie. Coral returned to the drop zone and took off down the road looking for me. She is very much attached to me at the heartstrings. Thanks for Coral I have always been a Lab guy but sure Love Her as well.
Keep In Touch!
Pat Chapin
Thunder Bay Ontario Ca.

Submitted by: Dan Jones on Nov 22, 2015

What can you say about a French Brit from Windy Acres that is slightly bigger than breed standards? ... More of a great thing!

At 22 inches high and 43 lbs, Jasper, at 16 months, runs like the wind (out ran English and GS pointers on recent hunt ). Finds and points birds (and honors) like a maniac. Earlie in the year, excelled in basic obedience classes- AKC class instructor and judge said he was one of the most intelligent dogs she had ever seen. Awesome!

Just back from a month hunting with Jasper in Lewistown, MT. It was a great learning experience. Jasper would normally range 50 -100 yards in fairly open cover - (more than Phil recommends) Became a great bird finder. Pointed 100s of birds. Not steady yet..would hold points thru the flush and then would bust the rest of any flock as he gave chase.

He is a good natural retriever. Once proudly brought back a sharptail I didn't even know I hit...needs work on holding though.. Another time retrieved but dropped a lively rooster three times, chasing it down each time before finally holding it down with his paw!

Best temperament of any dog I've owned. Very eager to please and a quick learner. Real sweetheart in the home. And quite handsome. He was out of litter of Gar and Gracie. Look forward to his advanced training,

Highly recommend Windy Acres. Phil has been a great pleasure to work with and if you happen to visit, he is also quite the chef.

Brittany Puppies!
Brittany Puppies!
Brittany Spaniel Puppies For Sale
Brittany Spaniel Puppies For Sale
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