How to Train Springer Spaniel

How to Train Springer Spaniel Puppies?

Your Springer puppy has a mind like a blank slate and so training is key to helping your pup develop into a well rounded, well behaved .

Remember that what you do now, and the time energy and devotion you put into their training will reflect on the dog that they will become in the months and years to come.

Establish a routine

Springer Spaniel Puppy Training

Springers are creatures of habit like us, and they like to know what to expect. So establishing a routine will create a relaxed and secure Springer that is happy and content in his home.

Ensuring that your Spaniel has a good routine will also make for successful, if there are set times for eating, sleeping, playing, walking and going to the loo you are less likely to have incidents as your dog will know what to expect.

Your routine should include regular short burst of training. I am a firm believer in the little and often philosophy of dog training. With George I used to spend 10 minutes 4-6 times a day on training, that way he did not get bored with a lengthy session but I was constantly reinforcing what was being taught, so I recommend you keep building training sessions into your day.

Another great tip is to train them after, especially when doing things such as heel work or the recall. Its very difficult to do this before a walk as they are very excited about going out with you.

Set the house rules early.

Right from the word go, establish the boundaries, they are never too young to learn. When trying to decide what the rules are look at your Springer and imagine them fully grown.

For example, while its very cute to have your Springer puppy curled up asleep in your lap or on your bed, when they are a 20KG dog it may not be quite so cute, and it will be much harder to prevent.

Another good rule to introduce right away is the anti jumping up on people rule. Again its very cute when they are tiny, not so cute when they are huge. So if they jump up, say "no" in a very stern voice and move into their space - you are claiming it from them and letting them know you are the boss, they will stop it pretty quickly.

Further Puppy Training Guides

I have put together a series of guides on certain areas of puppy training. Keeping coming back and checking out further additions as I am writing articles all the time.

Check out my guide to the rules of training your Springer. This helps you to get the most out of your training by ensuring consistency and the right mind set for both you and your Springer. This will help you with any stage of training so check out the guide.

or Potty Training as it is also known. Your complete guide on how to successfully house train your Springer Spaniel puppy to give both you and him confidence about being at home. This is how I House Trained George and I have never had any trouble with him going to the toilet in the house.

One of the most common issues I get asked about is how to stop a springer spaniel puppy mothing or niping. This complete guide explains the behaviour and how to nip it in the bud.

Your Complete guide to introducing your Springer Spaniel Puppy to their collar

This guide to the Springer Spaniel Pack is to help you establish the right leadership role over your Springer that will result in a very relaxed and calm Springer and should help to avoid any training issues.

springer spaniel Puppies learning to train on a decoy with
springer spaniel Puppies learning to train on a decoy with ...
How To Potty Train A Welsh Springer Spaniel Puppy - House
How To Potty Train A Welsh Springer Spaniel Puppy - House ...
Dog Training - How To Train A Springer Spaniel
Dog Training - How To Train A Springer Spaniel
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